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Suit Up For Summer!

Raspberry Vreek Swim Tour 2022

The 2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog Tour

I’m 6’ tall so the normal question after the standard, “ Wow, your tall!” Is “Do you play basketball?” And the answer is no not really! I do like a pickup game now and then but I never played in high school or college. I was on the swim team and loved it!!! No I was not the best but it was fun and a great experience. I would not change it for the world.

From then I went on to love swimming. I also live in Texas and you found me at the local lake all summer long in high school. At any time I have about 20-25 swimsuits. Some for actually swimming laps and some for pool and lake parties and some for just hanging out in the sun. Yes I have a swimsuit wardrobe and sewing has me growing that wardrobe even more. I actually did get rid of about 8 last year and still have a lot. So did I need to make another swimsuit? Lol Absolutely not, but I am glad I did! So before I share about the suit I made for the 2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog TourCreek let me show you a few suits I previously have made. This is not all of them.

The oldest I have is the one that is now about 25 years old and YES I put beaded fringe on it. And yes I hand headed it! I think I may need to make an update version of this.

20 year old Swimsuit with beading

There were a couple other swimsuits in between but if we jump forward about 20 years I made this vintage look Kelani High Waisted Bikini from My Golden Thimble suit a few years ago. This suit is from ….. and I love it!

And then two years ago for our trip to Myrtle I of course needed more suits! So I made this plane black one just a very utilitarian suit and it is so comfortable and it is actually pretty sleek looking. I also made this rash guard top and this one piece low cut one green one. Both of these I drafted the patterns for myself. The green one has a skirt that goes with the same fabric so it lets you go from beach to dinner.

So now for my favorite!!!! This is the one I made for this 2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog Tour and I love it!!! I got a chance to really search for a suit I liked to make which I had not done a good swimsuit pattern search in a while. And I fell in love with Edgewater Avenue!! She is a small pattern brand and I can relate as I am a new handbag pattern brand. And I love her youthful looking suits! They are so fun and yes a bit sexy!! Check her website out here and her instagram is great!!

I picked out the Natalie top and the Savannah Bottoms. I wear a lot of triangle bikini tops and this one is very similar but has a thicker neck strap and it makes it very comfortable. The bottoms have a high leg opening which I like and are high waisted to suck in the stomach.

Edgewater Avenue Pattern
Raspberry Creek Fabric
2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog Tour

Now I will say it is very hard to pick a swim fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics because wow they are so good!!! I got Abstract Line Drawn Floral Red and wow! Not disappointed at all. I kept wondering it I would like it but as soon as I saw it I was glad I picked it. It is not an in your face red but is slightly muted which I like. It is such a good weight and great quality. I also used Raspberry Creek Swim lining so if you make a suit pick up some of that too.

Edgewater Avenue Pattern
Raspberry Creek Fabric
2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog Tour

So as I was going through all the suits I have made through the years and what advice I can offer you if you have never tried it. And here are my top tips. I am also including a graphic you can post to your Instagram to share with your friends and to refer back to when you are sewing your suits. To find that freebie you can navigate to the top menu bar to download it out of the Lovely’s Freebie’s Library!

Now to the tips!

  1. Go for quality fabric! Yes you can use some cheaper quality for a test suit but for the real thing you want quality. Yes I preach quality fabric but for swim it gets more critical. Have you ever had a swimsuit disengage? I have!!! Yes my high schools swim team suit dissolved! And yes it was cheap fabric. Suits will be exposed to salt water and or harsh chemicals and sun! The combination is very harsh on fabric.
  2. Elastic foot! Most all swimsuits you will add elastic to the legs and some other areas. I suggest investing in a elastic foot for your machine weather you are using your serger or regular machine to sew suits.
  3. Ball point/stretch needles please!! Be sure to use a ball point or stretch needle with your swim materials. You want to be sure that the needle moves through the knit and does not pierce the fibers like a universal needle would. This is again a away to keep your suit last.
  4. Don’t shy away from sexy! Yes of course if you preference is to be more modest go for it but don’t shy away from sexy styles if you are ok with it. We tend to put a lot of stipulations on ourselves like when I lose wight, gain muscle, get a tan, blah, blah, blah! Rock you now!!! And another hint is that more fabric does not always make you like slimmer anyway.
Edgewater Avenue Pattern
Raspberry Creek Fabric
2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog Tour

The 2022 Raspberry Creek Fabric’s Suit Up for Summer 2022 Blog Tour is a wonderful opportunity for sewing blogger so please follow all of them! Make sure you’re following along in RCF’s Facebook group and on Instagram because there’s a big giveaway this week. If you haven’t already, go check out the 2022 swim designs.

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Thank you to all of our amazing sewists who are joining us this week!

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Beat the Heat in Style: The Laela Jayne Summer Collection

Laela Jeyne Patterns just released their new Summer Collection and it is fabulous!! It has quite a few pieces for ladies and mini ladies(girls)! I had the honor of joining the blog tour and today is my stop! I hope you enjoy a look at my version of the pieces from this collection.

I first chose the Women’s Dahlia Tank Top because I live in tanks during the summer in Texas. They are comfortable, cool and versatile. I chose to do go a bit bold with the crop length which I think paired with the long skirt was set off well. The pattern is great for beginners and old pro’s have a super quick basic to make whenever they need a wardrobe filler. I can see me making quite a few more. The fit is amazing. I am a tank top snob so the fit has to be right and this is right! I love that it has cup sizing as well. I have a smaller frame but large bust and this works!

This fabric is quite amazing! I have had it for a few months and did not know what to do with it. It is actually a scuba knit from Fabric Styles  (they have reasonably priced and stunning scuba) which is not a suggested fabric but it works well. I would only suggest those that have worked with scuba before try it in this fabric choice.

And next we have the Women’s Rose Circle Skirt! This is a classic style but with a ton of options to customize it.

From full, half, and quarter widths in mini, knee, midi, and two maxi lengths your options are endless. You can use woven or knit fabric too! Again I see this as a staple piece that can be made again and again. I have made circle skirts by self drafting and while it is not too hard it can get a bit confusing. I would recommend this pattern to a beginner or anyone that wants to skip the fuss of drafting a pattern. I have a flare for the dramatic so I made it extra long by  adding some length for my 6 feet tall frame and a little extra for drama.

Here are some additional pictures of the outfit. I love that I can wear this tank with jeans, pants and other skirts. I want to try it with some high waist pants. The skirt is a classic and can be worn a ton of ways. I plan on pairing it with some boots and sweater for fall too!

So needless to say I love this collection! If you are interested in picking up these or other patterns in the collection now is your chance. Check out the Laela Jeyne Summer Collection here. I am going to go relax in my new outfit now but be sure to check out the other ladies posts on this collection at the tour links below. There is such talent and creativity you will love it!




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