Sew Powerful Purse Donation

Even if you are new to sewing I have a great opportunity for you to make a huge difference. I am working with my sewing group to make and send bags to this organization. The girls in Zambia miss a week of school each month due to their menstral cycle. They don’t have the products. This means they fall behind the boys in school and also most won’t be able to go to the next level equal to American high schools. This company employees local women to make the products. They ask volunteers to make cute purses for the girls to carry their products to school in. They have to promise to stay in school to get the bags. The next shipment is in November so we are going to pledge to make certain amount of bags each month or even if you want to make one bag. There are two patterns a beginner and intermediate bag pattern and videos on how to make them. I also will probably do a video on making them.If anyone is interested in pledging to make a bag let me know. While I love fabric I won’t be accepting fabric donations for this as I rather people make the bags. If you don’t want to make a bag here is a link to donate. $5 is enough to fill the bag with products. By the way they do not just help them once, they get products every month until they are out of school. To donate, find the pattern or find out more info here is the link.Let me know if you have any questions. I have pledged to make 3 bags each month until October when they need to be shipped.I will be sharing pictures of them on social media and here. For more information check their website: