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Magazine Spread!!! Vintage Made

I am sooooo excited to announce I was in a magazine spread!! It is not like my old modeling days but just as exciting. I was a tester for Designer Stitch for the Rockbilly Halter Dress that was just featured in Vintage Made magazine. I am so excited. It is online and it should be out in the US at Barnes and Noble now or soon. I need to stop by there and get my hands on a hard copy. Here are some of my pics and pics of the spread!!! Stop by Designer Stitch Facebook page and also check out her patterns on her website.

Look at all those lovely ladies in this fabulous retro halter dress!!!


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Pretty Betty: Betty Faux Wrap Dress by Sinclair Patterns

There is something super sexy about a wrap dress.  “It’s hard to deny the wrap dress’ icon status — for 40 years, it’s been one of the hardest working garments in any hard-working woman’s wardrobe. Invented by Diane von Furstenberg in 1974, the frock is flattering, versatile, and easy to wear, pack, and style.” states Connie Wang in her article The Weird, True History of the Wrap Dress.
I only have one criticism of the wrap dress other than not having enough of them and that is you can feel a bit overexposed at times depending on how it wraps and how much under wrap fabric there is. That is why I was excited to try out Sinclair Pattern’s Betty Faux Wrap Dress pattern. I thought this may be a perfect solution to not having enough fabric to wrap and I was right!!
This pattern is an easy sew but gives you big style. Again one of those styles that goes well on most body types. It is also super comfortable and easy to wear. You can dress it down with a sweater or denim jacket or dress it up with some sexy strappy heals and sparkly earrings. As always the pattern is wonderfully drafted and instructions are superb. If you ever want a pattern brand that has quality in every pattern they produce you will not go wrong with Sinclair Patterns. This pattern also comes with a faux wrap top. I was actually torn on which to make but since I live in dresses I chose the dress but the top is on my list to make!
For this dress I wanted something casual to wear during the day in the summer but something supper cool for the Texas heat. I found this pink floral rayon spandex named Ardent from Sly Fox in my stash and it did not disappoint. They do not have this particular fabric still but here is the link to similar fabric.
 “Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.”

Dahlia: Femme Fatale

Dahlia is a vintage name that reminds us of a mysterious, tough femme fatale or a glamorous silver screen legend and the this Dahlia  dress pattern is all glamour and drama too!
OK I will just admit it! I am a sucker for a good dress. Why? Because they are comfy, easy to style and can be made out of the softest fabric. I don’t understand why ladies shy away from them. I think you should try at least one this year. And this one would be a great one to try. It is a great shape for most if not all body shapes. For tiny girls it accentuates a feminine waist and hip for curvy girls it will conceal our hips!
This is the Dahlia( love the name too) by Golden Thimble!! I made two versions that I have been living in. It is a princess cut bodice with a semi-circle skirt and there are so many customization options! 5 sleeves, 2 necklines, 3 skirts, 3 lengths.
Your imagination and knit stash is really your only limit here.
This was the first time making a Golden Thimble pattern and it did not disappoint. Instructions were easy to following and it had great pictures! I mean REAL pictures which I love.
I made my first Dahlia out of a navy french terry from Knitpop.  The black floral knit from Sly Fox called Stardust. Sorry its all out. I did my usual lengthening to both. I think I added about 3 inches as I’m 6′ tall. However I would like to make some shorter ones. I can even see making a maxi version as well.

Serious Comfort and Style….WIN!!

If you read my blog posts you probably know I am a sucker for a comfy dress that is stylish!!! Well my last one was from pattern company New Horizons Designs and today I have another one!!! I can’t get enough. I had the pleasure of being in the test group for the Tawsha dress by New Horizons Designs and it is love. This pattern as all of hers are is a no cut pdf pattern. I am not quite sure why all pdf pattern companies are not doing this yet. I mean come on!! It comes in two versions, the plain dress and one with a cut back button, pleat detail. I went for the plain but was a bit jealous of some of the other testers makes. I will need to try one of those later. But the plain is a great basic to add to your wardrobe. You can do completely plain or add the shoulder detail.

For my version I wanted to use one of my French Terry’s I picked up from KnitPop recently! It is snuggly soft and not too thin so it was perfect! I added a little floral  from Sly Fox Fabrics for the accent and it was perfect. It left it plain enough to make it still work as a basic but added a bit of accent. I knew I had to go for a bit of a bohemian vibe with this shoot so I made a quick headband and threw on a necklace my niece made for me for that bohemian chic look.

Again New Horizons Designs for the win on this dress!!! I am sure you will see more in the coming weeks from me from this pattern brand….hint hint. Leave a comment below on what fabric you plan on using for this make!!! I need more!!



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The Perfect Fall Dress!

I don’t know about you but I love a dress I can wear in the fall and winter and be snuggly warm!! I had on my list to find and sew a few this year and I was not finding exactly what I wanted until I saw this Lisse Hoodie

by New Horizons Designs. Only one slight problem…it was not a dress but I knew it had all the makings of a great one so I went to work. 
First let’s chat about this pattern and then I’ll share with you how I made mine. So when searching the site this picture quickly caught my eye. I mean it is such a feminine cut hoodie. I’ll be honest I’m not a hoodie kind of girl but this style is lovely. 

When I dug into the pattern directions I was pleasantly greeted with a nice looking pattern sheet, clear drawings and images, and additional details on how to do full and small bust adjustments. Such a nice touch. 

The directions were easy to follow even the thumb hole cuff was easy. It was my first time doing that and I was a bit nervous but it worked like a charm. Overall I have no complaints and a great dress from this pattern. I will actually make this again in the normal top version because I do love it. 

Now on to my version. When I started thinking about this as a dress it reminded me of a dress my sister modeled at a fashion show when she was a teenager. It was a dress with a hoodie and was stunning. I had not thought about that in probably 25 years but it came flashing back and I knew it would be perfect! For the hoodie I decided to not do any drawstring as it was more of a design element for this look. So I I omitted the grommets as well. For the dress I added 16 inches just to the lower part. When connecting it back I was sure to keep all the shaping but I did slim in the lower sides just a little so they would not start to flare out. 

And of course the thumb holes just top the whole look off! Such a fun detail. I will be wearing this with boots and even add some black thights I could also imagine it with some tennis shoes for a more casual look. It could even be a tunic and be worn with leggings or pants. 

If you have never checked out New Horizons Designs you are in for treat. Here is a link. If you want a me to do a tutorial on this hack please let me know as I am sure I will be making a few more variations. 

“Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.”

You have to make this! Designer Stitch’s Stylish Ravanna Wrap Pants




I have been sewing for a long time but I rarely run across a pattern that I like as much as this one.   The Ravanna Wrap pants from Designer Stitch has a wonderful style that stands out from other patterns. You will find wrap pants all over Pintrest and other places but the don’t hold a candle. These pants looks good on so many body shapes and have some good options.

I chose to do the weekday or straight leg version. I made it out of a firm hand from Joann’s. I added 4 inches in the leg due to my 6′ statue and I wanted to wear these lovely pants with heels. I also add a bit to the rise because I wanted them at my true waist.

Ann the designer and owner of Designer Stitch only designs for woven and not knit which I love but I do want to try this pattern with a knit and also the tulip style.

If you love style you need to go grab this pattern. 







Time To Get Comfy! Ella Combo

There is a constant in Texas right now and until September…..heat and more heat! We tater in the 90’s and 100’s all summer long. I am very cold natured so for the most part I love it but even for me it can get miserable. This PJ set is a God send. I was able to test this pattern for Designer Stitch and it is great! Super quick make, easy directions and such a comfy, versitale outfit. You can keep it as a PJ or you can where it as a two piece jump or even just wear each piece with other things and it all works beautifully.

I made the set with a very thin and soft cotton in an aztec print. I switch the ruffle for lace because at 6′ it is hard for me to pull off ruffle. Other than that I made it just like the directions.

If you are interested check it out here. If you join the Facebook group you can even get it for free.

See you next time!